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Gavin Sutherland

Musician and Songwriter

wirelessleeveA Traveller's Tales . . . .

A work in progress.

With musical friends old and new I'm busy right now on 'A Traveller's Tales', a collection of songs I've been working on for sometime.
Joining me on this one are a couple of folks I haven't had the pleasure of working with before. the lovely Heidi Browne on fiddle and fellow clansman Dave Sutherland on double bass. Old pals Dave McGarry and Terry Butters take turns on the piano, Nick Zala plays pedal steel, Sam Lumsden hits the tubs and Steve Watts' vintage synthesizer lines weave in and out from time to time. Nancy K Dillon, from way out west, sings a duet with me and Gillie Nicholls and Heidi Browne add some harmonies too. But, meanwhile . . . . .

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Tune in if you fancy a listen . . .
Hit the dial for a taste of what we're up to. It's a quick mix of "The Weary Traveller" from the latest sessions.

Recording techniques have changed a lot since I first got involved way back in the mid sixties but, no matter how sophisticated and versatile the technology becomes, it's still all about people, their ideas and how they communicate.
Through the years I've enjoyed many studio hours and this album involves and results from a blend of everything I've picked up over time about recording music and making records. As always, I hope you enjoy what we've done. Cheers.

A Traveller's Tales

The Weary Traveller

Fiddle - Heidi Browne
Harmony voice - Nancy K Dillon
Piano - Dave McGarry
Double bass - Dave Sutherland

You came here, a weary traveller.
You came here with trouble on your mind
You came here empty handed
But you're leaving here with hope and good things in your heart

There'll be times when you feel lonesome
There'll be times when it all goes wrong
There'll be times when dreams are broken
But you're leaving here with hope and good things in your heart

You crossed that troubled ocean
Now there's no going back
You came here a weary traveller
But you're leaving here with hope and good things in your heart