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Gavin Sutherland

Musician and Songwriter

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My take on a few songs from the pen of a favourite writer, a trusted friend and cohort, my brother, Iain Sutherland. This one's dedicated to the man himself, good times past and good times to come.

For some time now I've been contemplating covering, or maybe uncovering, a few of Iain's songs. The songs he first sang to me in a kitchen or a hotel room, maybe waiting for a train or a plane, or at a bus stop as we shared a bag of chips in the rain. We sang together a lot. It was 'our thing', just something we did and had done since we were kids. The songs here are four of my favourites. Reactions to each other's songs never went much beyond "Yeah, that's a decent tune. Maybe we should give it a go?" These songs mean a lot of different things to me. Back to the deepest roots, bedrooms we shared as kids, a Kensington bedsit where we shared a tiny kitchen with folks we didn't know, a house on a hill, but, where ever, whatever, always back to the days of "Right, mate. I've just done this one. What d'ya reckon?" On our first proper studio album our producer said we were the best arguers he'd ever heard. We'll take that as a compliment, Muff. Cheers! GS

'The Pie ' from our first album with Island Records and 'The Sutherland Brother's Band'

'Easy Come, Easy Go', from the last album we made together, in west coast places unkown to mortal man, 'When The Night Comes Down.'

'There Goes Another Dream' Fancy a waltz around the kitchen with the one you love? This one's from Iain's solo album, 'Fandango', recorded in a very happy place where much mischief came to pass.

'Where Lies Your Soul' from the last SB and Q album, 'Down To Earh', recorded in a big, fab room by a zebra crossing where heroes once trod'

Released April 1st 2022

Download from Bandcamp (mp3 and wav files here)

Gavin Sutherland, guitar, voice
James Sutherland, piano
Dave Sutherland, double bass, Celtic harp, voice
Sam Lumsden, drums, voice
Terry Butters, piano, Rhodes piano, voice
Pat Sutherland, voice
Ginny Cresswell, voice

Chorus voices on 'Easy Come, Easy Go': The Seatown Choral Society

Produced by Gavin Sutherland

All songs SkerryİRock


The Pie . . .

When I say I love you, you just act like I don't,
Trying hard to prove you're near me,
Always asking if you hear me.
Telling me it's nothing when you say you've got to go,
While I'm trying to unwind,
That it's my loneliness that's binding me to you.

When I say I love you, now it really means I love you,
You don't know,
And if I give something it's because you give me something
You don't know, you don't know.

When I say I want you I can only bring you pain,
I can only bring you heartache,
I will always be the same.
When I say I love you I can only speak your name,
I can only take your number,
If I ask you don't deny me one more time.

Ah when I say I love you, now it really means I love you,
Don't you know,
And when the pie is open there'll plenty more to love you,
You don't know, you don't know.


Easy Come, Easy Go . . .

Shake up yourself, you're not the big man any more
Pick up the pieces you left lying on the floor
She's up and gone, you're on your own
Better act your age, you know by now you ought to know,
It's hard my friend, but it's
Easy come and easy go.

Seems so long since you last had to shed a tear
Seems so wrong, she's out and you're left sitting here
You can't believe, but oh yes it's true
She found someone that she wanted more than you
It's hard my friend but it's
Easy come and easy go.

You're out of luck, she won the hand
Best thing you can do is try to understand
It's hard my friend but it's
Easy come and easy go.


There Goes Another Dream . . .

When the night comes in colours you recognise so well
All those deep shades of purple and blue
You pretend you're alright,
But you know you lost the fight
C'est la vie, there goes another dream.

When you think that you found someone else in this life
Who appears to be looking for the truth
You get close, like a brother
But a tear drop blows your cover
C'est la vie, there goes another dream.

When you see in a woman what you wanted for so long
All those things in your head every night
You get close to each other
But she does not want a lover
C'est la vie, there goes another dream.


Where Lies Your Soul . . .

Where lies your soul, where do you stand
When times get hard, who do you love
What's in your heart when feelings break
Under the strain of helpless love.

Down comes the night and darkness reigns
I call your name, where lies your soul
I see my life go drifting by
Just slipping away before my eyes.

I don't know, I don't know
What makes it easier, I don't know
But I can feel, I can feel
How much I need you now
Oh don't know.

And in the end, when time is done
And all is one,
Where lies your soul . . .