Gavin Sutherland

Gavin Sutherland

Musician and Songwriter

SeatownOn Christmas Night . . .

a seasonal song recorded in the winter months of 2021 with more than a little help from my friends,

Irmi Wolvin, Dave Sutherland, Sam Lumsden, Terry Butters, Drew Jarvie and Digby Smith.

Proceeds from this recording will be donated to the Salvation Army 'Shelter For The Homeless' Christmas Appeal

Released (exclusively on Bandcamp) Friday, December 10th 2021

Download from Bandcamp (mp3 and wav files here)

Gavin Sutherland, voice, guitar.
Irmi Wolvin, cello, voice.
Dave Sutherland, double bass.
Sam Lumsden, drums.
Terry Butters, piano.
Drew Jarvie, cornet, flugelhorn
Digby Smith, tambourine

Produced by Gavin Sutherland

Mixed and Mastered by Richard Digby Smith

'Winter In The Old Seatown' photograph, GS

'On Christmas Night' copy©right Skerry Rock 2021


On Christmas Night . . .

The winter moon is rising, the snow is coming down
On the old Seatown
Carol singers singing out those old familiar songs
From days long gone
From somewhere in the distance the chapel bell rings clear
A time to count our blessings, and all that we hold dear.

We'll raise a glass to absent friends as all those times we shared
Come to mind
From long lost days of innocence the endless trail unwinds
With passing time.

Now the chapel choir is singing, their voices raised as one
Another journey over, another just begun
On Christmas Night.

From out there in the darkness, a choir of angels sing
In quiet contemplation we'll find the gift they bring
On Christmas Night.