Gavin Sutherland

Gavin Sutherland

Musician and Songwriter

Hello, Hola, Ciao, Bienvenue, Wilkommen . . .

How's it going? Welcome to my world. It's not the real world, but it's the only one I know. If you're looking for GS the orchestral conductor or GS the champion surfer, you're in the wrong place. If you're looking for the guitarist songwriter guy who used to be in a band with his brother, you're bang on the mark.

". . . . and like I told the newspaper man, it's not every day a good tune falls out of your head. Sometimes you find something to write about, sometimes you don't. You know, it could be a quirky bit of fun, or maybe a dance number. Another time it might be a message straight from the heart. I've no idea how it all works. It's just about getting hold of an idea and taking it somewhere. Know what I mean?" And he said, "Yeah".



NEWS: New album, 'Wireless Connection'

UK release Friday 24th November, 2017.

"An act of peace in a war ravaged and crowded room of music."
Liverpool Sound and Vision, Dec 2017

"A mature musician utilising his distinctively weathered voice to deliver a dozen highly personal songs"
Northern Sky Magazine, Dec 2017

"Easy-rolling rhythms, gentle melodies and bucolic subject matter. Yet it wouldn't be a Sutherland album without pop hooks, and they too abound."
R'n'R Magazine, Jan 2018.

Big thanks to friends old and new for the help and good vibrations that did so much to keep things rolling along. I've signed the album over to "MIG Music", a label based in Hanover, Germany. They came into the picture pretty late in the game, and I knew going with them would hold up the release, but they struck me as a good bunch of guys and they said all the right things, so I thought, "OK, why not?"
It's out and about and we're on the promo case, telling the world all about it. Good to hear it's picking up airplay here and there and had some nice reviews.




MORE NEWS: "A Night In Winterland . . ."

Available for download from amazon from 6th October, 2017.

On the evening of Saturday, February 19th, 1977, Tim Renwick, Willie Wilson, my brother, Iain, and I, collectively known as The Sutherland Brothers and Quiver, or, sometimes, just SBQ, took to the stage at the Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco. The crowd were up for a good time, and so were we. What we didn't know at the time was the show was being recorded and before we headed back to the hotel that night a guy handed a tape reel over to Willie. Long forgotten, he came upon the tape again quite recently, checked it out and found that it had somehow survived the years and still sounded pretty good. We've had it mastered for release as a download, a souvenir of a memorable night way out west in one of rock n' roll's truly iconic venues. It's now out and about and available through iTunes, amazon mp3, spotify and all those other music download places, to anyone who might like to check it out.



Coast Festival Concert

My World . . .

A lot of water's gone under the bridge since I first came face to face with a Neumann U87. I remember it well. The band set up in a cosy little semi-circle in the middle of Island's Number One Studio, the big one at their HQ in Basing Street. Armed with a Fender Jaguar and the raw valve power of my AC30, I was ready to take on the world! What a glorious feeling it was. Could there be a better job anywhere on the planet? No, I don't think so! London was the coolest music town in the world, Notting Hill was the coolest place in London, and there we were, right in the middle of it all. Awesome!

In the 1960s and 70s it was straight forward. You learned how to play, got a band together, gigged around for a while and then went off to the big city to look for a deal. The last bit was pretty random, a game with no obvious rules. After trying our luck with a couple of A and R men in the West End (still waiting to hear from those guys) Muff Winwood gave my brother and I our first real break. He signed us to Island, produced our first records and taught us loads about the record bizz. Getting a deal with Island at that time was much more than just getting a record deal. It meant that what we were doing had been approved by a whole bunch of people who loved music, knew what they were doing and were tuned right in to what was going on. Not sure if I ever said thank you. So, if you happen to be reading this Muff, thanks very much!

Some of you may find "The Sutherland Brothers" website of interest. It was put together by Brian Mathieson, a diamond geezer who knows much more about us than we do. I see someone has also just set up a Sutherland Brothers and Quiver facebook page. Not sure who's behind that one, but I have my suspicions. I had a look and there are some interesting old photos on there that brought back a lot of really good memories. I sometimes forget just how lucky I've been through the years to make music with such a lovely bunch of people.

By all means drop me a line. Always delighted to hear from you: